Saturday, 13 August 2016

First Grade: Recap of Grade 1 (Alphabet Letters; Quality of Numbers; Four Processes etc.)

I thought it might be handy for others who are doing First Grade to have a recap of the letter and number fairytales we did, and a place to find info and links to them easily.

Info about beginning First Grade, the order we did our alphabet in, and our container story can be found <here>.

Alphabet Letters

Letter A <here>

Letter B <here>

Letter C <here>

Letter D <here>

Letter E <here>

Letter F <here>

Letter G <here>

Letter H <here>

Letter I <here>

Letter J <here>

Letter K <here>

Letter L <here>

Letter M <here>

Letter N <here>

Letter O <here>

Letter P <here>

Letter Q <here>

Letter R <here>

Letter S <here>

Letter T <here>

Letter U <here>

Letter V <here>

Letter W <here>

Letter X <here>

Letter Y <here>

Letter Z <here>

Quality of Numbers

Number 1 <here>

Number 2 <here>

Number 3 <here>

Number 4 <here>

Number 5 <here>

Number 6 <here>

Number 7 <here>

Number 8 <here>

Number 9 <here>

Number 10 <here>

Four Processes

Addition & Subtraction <here>

Multiplication & Division <here>

Equals <here>

Circle Time

General information about gross and fine motor activities <here>

Winter Circle Time <here>

Spring Circle Time <to be updated>

Summer Circle Time <here>

Autumn Circle Time <here>


  1. This post is brilliant! Thank you.

    1. My pleasure Vira :) I'm glad it was helpful!

  2. I LOVE your blog. You are a true inspiration to me. I often look through your first grade posts (and other posts) and they are like a breath of fresh air for me! We too are journeying through homeschool kindergarten and first grade and are using a waldorf- Steiner curriculum. I LOVE seeing all your amazing ideas for incorporating the letters together. Truly truly beautiful work. You inspired me to start my own blog for my families journey through homeschool. (Something I thought I would never do)... Thank you for sharing your learning, photography, art and life with us!