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October 2015: Grade One: Language (Letter C, Letter G) & Math (Number 5, Intro to 4 Processes)

~ Spring Daffodils ~
A crown of sunlight on my head,
I waken from cold Winter's bed.
Grasses growing round y toes,
Butterfly tickles my velvet nose.
Seeds awake! Our roots do grow.

Week 1

Snippets from our week…

Letter C
This week we explored the letter C using the classic story ‘City Mouse & Country Mouse’, the letter C being found in the shape of the cat. We used the Norwegian version which can be found last on the list <here>.

Story: ‘City Mouse & Country Mouse'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: Blackboard Drawing (C is for Cat)
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet Letter C

MC: Modelling the Letter C
MR: Walking the Letter C

BL: Baking Cinnamon scrolls
BC: Letter Practise
BR: Alphabet Bunting

We finished off looking at the lifecycle of the butterfly this week, read stories about the lifecycle of the butterfly, and spent time in the garden spotting native butterflies and identifying them Elizabeth Daley's handy guide 'Wings: An Introduction To Tasmania's Winged Insects'.

 ~ Fuzzy Wuzzy, Creepy Crawly ~
by LilianSchulz 

Fuzzy wuzzy, creepy crawly, 
Caterpillar funny, 
You will be a butterfly 
When the days are sunny. 

Winging, flinging, dancing, springing 
Butterfly so yellow, 
You were once a caterpillar, 
Wiggly, wiggly fellow.
Common Brown Butterfly
Mountain Blue (we think!)
Australian Admiral

Social Studies
This week Mr 7 finished off his calendar entry for the month of October.

On the Friday, we had our Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council (THEAC) visit which went really well. It was a relief to have it over with for another year :)

Week 2

Snippets from our week…

Number 5
This week our pirate mysteriously appears again to drop off a new treasure map. This map led to the Number 5 and gave us the story 'The Little Round House', a shorter version of the same story can be found <here>.

Story: ‘The Little Round House'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: 5 pointed Apple Stars
TR: Printing with apples 

ML: Baking 5 pointed star cookies
MC: Modelling the Letter C
MR: Five fingers on each hand

BL: Number 5 in nature
BC: Skip counting by 5s on our multiplication ring
BR: Skip counting by 5s in the MLB

This week we studied cloud formations, and made ourselves a little 'cloud chart'. 

Mr 7's Cloud Chart

This week Daddy spent time with the boys doing wood work. They made wooden picture frames and together worked on this sweet little cedar helicopter from scrap pieces left over from the house building.

Week 3

Snippets from our week...

Letter G
This week we explored the Letter G using the Grimm’s tale ‘The Golden Goose’, a version of which can be found <here>.

Story: ‘The Golden Goose'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: MLB Drawing (G is for Goose)
TR: Wax resist watercolour

ML: Walking the Letter G
MC: Modelling the Letter C
MR: Alphabet Bunting

BL: Letter practise
BC: Baking Gg
BR: Planting a gooseberry seedling in the garden

This week we also participated in the Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count, submitting our results online. It was lots of fun and just before our time was up 3 huge Wedgetailed Eagles flew right over us! How lucky are we!

We also spent some time reading and researching the species of bird in our area, including the endangered Swift Parrot, and learned a little bit about how birds fly by making our own aerofoil wing. Mr 5 made and decorated a bird feeder to hang in the garden.

TL: Our results!
TC: Bird spotting
TR: Making a bird feeder

ML: How Birds Fly
MC: Making an aerofoil wing
MR: Making an aerofoil wing

B: Feathers we collected from the backyard

Week 4

Snippets from our week…

4 Processes - Addition
This week we introduced the 4 Processes, beginning with addition. We met 4 gnome friends whose names were Polly Plus, Molly Minus, Milton Multiply and Danny Divide, and heard about their journey to meet King Equals. This week we learned about Polly Plus who loved to collect gemstones from the mine, adding and adding them until she had great piles. Mr 7 and Mr 5 absolutely loved these stories and the manipulative!

We based our stories and number work on this lovely story by Jennifer Compton 'The Gnomes Gemstones: A Math Story for Kindergarten Through Third Grade', which can be purchased <here>.

Later in the week, we used our Cuisenaire Rods to explore the numbers 1-5 further and find different ways of reaching a number using addition.

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: MLB Drawing Polly Plus
TR: Story Puppetry

ML: Cuisenaire Rods
MC: Using addition to explore the Number 4
MR: MLB Number 4 addition

BL: Story Puppetry
BC: Using addition to explore the Number 5
BR: Story Puppetry

Using Cuisenaire Rods to explore the Number 5

Numbers 1-5 using Cuisenaire Rods

Other Events
Over the weekend we shared a lovely community Halloween dinner with neighbours.

The next morning went to the local Steiner school fair, which is always a highlight of our year. The highlights were the Children's Tent, making 'Flappy Ducks' in the craft room, and of course the beautiful puppet story presented by the Early Childhood teachers. 

In the Spring Garden...

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