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September 2015: Grade One Language (Letter K, Q) & Math (Number 3, 4)

~ The Magic Piper by E.L. Marsh ~
There Piped a Piper in the Wood 
Strange music soft and sweet 
And all the little wild things 
Came hurrying to his feet. 

They sat around him on the grass 
Enchanted, unafraid 
And listened as with shining eyes 
Sweet melodies he made. 

The wood grew green 
The flowers sprang up 
The birds began to sing 
For the music it was magic 
And the piper’s name was “Spring.” 

Week 1

Snippets from our week…

Number 3
We began this week with a bit of a review of the letters and numbers we have already completed so far in our journey through the alphabet. Then we moved on to new work, and this week our numeracy “pirate” left another treasure map leading us to the Number 3 and the well-known Norwegian story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, a version of which can be found <here>.
Story: ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff'

TL: Story telling (we used deer as we didn’t have any goats :D)
TC: Playing with our neighbour’s new kids
TR: MLB Drawing

ML: Walking the Number 3
MC: Modelling Number 3
MR: Skip counting by 3’s in our MLB

BL: Number 3 in nature
BC: Geometry with parquetry tiles
BR: Skip counting by 3’s on our multiplication ring
For our afternoon walks this week, we visited our neighbour’s brand new kid goats and spent many lovely afternoons playing with the beautiful new babies in the delicious Spring sunshine, which tied in rather nicely with our Billy Goat Gruff story for this week :)

This week in our science studies, we looked a little more closely at germination. It is Spring here in Tasmania and the garden is quickly greening up and returning to life. We germinated a pea seed in a glass jar, so we could watch as it uncurled and stretched upwards toward the light. We compared this to a garden-germinated broad bean seed. We then did a simple drawing in our Science MLB.

Week 2

Snippets from our week…

Letter K
This week our theme was the Letter K and Australian marsupials. We used the Indigenous Australian folktale ‘How The Kangaroo Got Her Pouch’, a version of which can be found <here>.  

Story: ‘How The Kangaroo Got Her Pouch'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: Blackboard Drawing (K is for Kangaroo)
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet Letter K

ML: Walking the Letter K
MC: Modelling the Letter K
MR: Wax-resist watercolour painting K/k

BC: Needle-felting alphabet bunting
BR: K is for Kiwi fruit
Following on from the story, we learned about mammals and marsupials. Each boy chose a local marsupial animal to study - Mr 7 chose a Wombat and Mr 5 chose a Bettong. We read about their lifecycle, breeding habits, diet, habitat and threats to their survival. 

Mr 7’s marsupial study - Wombat
Mr 5’s marsupial study - Bettong (with my help)
Handwork & Artwork

Other artwork this week
Other artwork this week

Week 3

Snippets from our week...

Festivals & Celebrations
We spent this week doing some revision of concepts we’d learned, particularly math concepts and skip counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s. Later in the week, we celebrated Spring in the lead up to the Vernal Equinox on September 23rd. We crafted, told Spring themed stories and studied the lifecycle of the butterfly. Friends came up to spend the day and to collect frog-spawn to hatch their own little tadpoles. The tadpoles began emerging after 5 or 6 days and are a great source of interest in their (temporary) new home. 

We spent lovely days in the garden planting carrots, peas, beans, radish, potatoes, kale, spring onion, and lettuce. The boys each worked on building their very own garden plot and planted out lettuce seedlings and planted pea seeds. Mr 7 assembled a fairy garden terrarium which was a birthday present from his grandparents. 

Mr 7 also finished this month's September calendar.

Stories: ’The Story of a Butterfly’ & ‘Butterfly Birthday'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: Spring bunting
TR: Blossom baby peg dolls

ML: Watercolour paper butterflies for the window
MC: Spring!
MR: Beeswax modelling caterpillar and butterflies

BL: Marking the shadows at midday on the Spring (Vernal) Equinox
BC: Finding moth cocoons
BR: Planting peas and lettuce in their own green beds

Quick and easy craft to help tell ‘The Story of a Butterfly’ for the Spring (Vernal) Equinox
Collecting frog spawn
Juicy fat worms and healthy soil
Mr 7’s fairy garden terrarium

Week 4

Snippets from our week...

Letter Q
We explored the Letter Q this week (Q is for Quoll), using an adapted story from Susan Perrow’s wonderful book ‘Healing Stories For Challenging Behaviour’. Her story was called ‘Anything New’ about a little wombat named Womby Woo. I changed this to 'Quolly Woo', and adapted the story accordingly to be about a little quoll who was afraid of the dark. The boys really enjoyed the repeating rhyme throughout the story. I’d highly recommend her book.

I also brought in a little SE Australian Aboriginal lore about the moon being a quoll who fled to the skies, and how the moon represents the quoll who carries the faces of the moon in the spots on their backs. Some great resources for Indigenous Australian astronomy and dreamtime stories can be found <here> and <here>.

Story: 'Quolly Woo (who was afraid of the dark)'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: Blackboard Drawing (Q is for Quoll)
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet Letter Q

ML: Walking the Letter Q
MC: Modelling the Letter Q
MR: Wax-resist watercolour painting Q/q

BC: Letter practise
BR: Q is for Quartz 

Week 5

Snippets from our week...

Number 4
We told two Number 4 stories this week, firstly ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ which is a fabulously funny tale, a version of which can be found <here>. We also read the classic ‘The Story of the Root Children’ by Sibylle Von Olfers this week, and talked about the 4 seasons in our part of the world. 

Story: ’The Story of the Root Children'

TL: The Story of the Root Children by Sibylle Von Olfers
TC: MLB Number 4
TR: MLB Skip Counting by 4’s drawing

ML: Walking the Number 4
MC: Modelling Number 4
MR: Number practise

BL: Number 4 in nature
BC: Skip counting by 4’s on our multiplication ring
BR: Playing with the geometry of 4 sides

Mr 5’s Four Seasons study

Festivals & Celebrations

This week we also celebrated Michaelmas with some fun activities. We used a version of Reg Down’s story ‘The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World’, which can be found <here>.

Story: ‘The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World'
TL: St Michael and the Dragon
TR: Knight’s tunics made from pillowcases
BL: Wet-felted, turmeric dyed ‘shooting stars’
BR: Dragon bread!

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