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July 2015: Grade One Language (Letters M, V, W, N, X)

Week 1

Snippets from our week…

Letter M
We explored the Letter M (M is for Mountain) with the Norwegian fairytale “The Princess On The Glass Mountain”, an online version of which can be found <here>. NB. There isn’t actually a mouse in the original story, we just added that to our drawings for fun :)
Story: ‘The Princess on the Glass Mountain'

TL: Blackboard drawing - M is for Mountain
TC: Story: Puppetry
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet

ML: Letter M/m wax resist watercolour painting
MC: Walking the Letter M
MR: Making homemade marbled marshmallow

BL: Modelling the Letter M
BC: Needle-felting alphabet bunting
BR: MLB Letter practise
Natural Sciences with M
This week we started a Moon Chart Calendar to observe how much of the moon is visible as it waxes and wanes in the night sky. We were lucky to have not too many cloudy nights and were able to record quite a nice chart over the month of July. We also discussed the ideas behind moon planting in the garden.

We were also very fortunate to have clear starry skies all week to watch the special event of Jupiter and Venus aligning.

Mr 6’s Moon Chart completed for July

Over the weekend, we went on a family hike up Hartz Mountain. We didn’t quite make the summit before the weather closed in, but spent a lovely family day together.

Climbing Hartz Mountain in the Southwest Wilderness

Week 2

Snippets from our week…

Letter V
We explored the Letter V (V is for Valley), using the story ‘The Valley of the Weavers’ which is found in the Oak Meadow Grade 1 curriculum. 
Story: ‘The Valley of the Weavers'

TL: Story Puppetry

TC: Blackboard drawing: V is for Valley
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet Letter V (with a volcano!)

ML: Letter V/v wax resist watercolour painting

MC: Walking the Letter V
MR: Handwork: Weaving

BL: Homemade Vanilla Slice

BC: Modelling: Letter V
BR: Letter practise
We enjoyed a day at the beach with Grandparents and discovered fairy gardens <3

Week 3

Snippets from our week…

Letter W
We explored the Letter W (W is for Waves), using the Gaelic fairy story ‘The Selkie Bride’, a version of which can be found <here>.  We also watched the lovely Irish film ‘The Secret of Roan Inish’, which is a beautiful gentle tale and tied in perfectly with this week’s story.
Story: ‘The Selkie Bride'

TL: Blackboard drawing: W is for Waves

TC: Container Story intro to the Letter W
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet Letter W

ML: Letter practise

MC: W/w wax resist watercolour
MR: Letter practise

BL: Modelling Letter W

BC: Watermelon slices
BR: Needle-felting Letter W bunting
We also spent a day collecting sea glass, shells, rocks and crabs in the tidal rock pools of one of our local beaches. No seals were spotted this time :) 
We did find a stuffed seal at the Marine Discovery Centre in Woodbridge though, as well as lots of fun things to explore in the touch tanks.
A visit to the seashore and to the Marine Discovery Centre.
Collecting and classifying types of sea glass. 
Our classroom for today!

On the weekend, we ventured into the Huon Valley to join in on Willie Smith’s annual Winter Apple Tree Wassailing festival. The highlight for the boys was the Morris Dancers and the costume competition.

Week 4

Snippets from our week…

Letter N
We explored the Letter N (N is for Needle), using the Irish tale ‘The Pot of Gold’, a version of which can be found <here>. Using the much loved poem ‘The Leprechaun; Or Fairy Shoemaker’ by William Allingham, found <here>, I repeated an excerpt from the poem through the story:

"Tip-tap, rip-rap,
  Scarlet leather, sewn together,
    This will make a shoe.
  Left, right, pull it tight;
    Summer days are warm;
  Underground in winter,
    Laughing at the storm!”
by William Allingham

Story: ‘The Pot of Gold'

TL: Story Puppetry
TC: Blackboard picture N is for Needle
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet

ML: Wax resist watercolour
MR: Walking the Letter N

BL: Needle-felting bunting Letter N
BC: Modelling Letter
BR: Letter practise

Handwork this week was all about sewing, stitching, needles and repurposing old felted jumpers into new creations...

Week 5

Snippets from our week…

Letter X
We explored the Letter X using the story ‘The Extra-Ordinary Crossroads’ found in the Oak Meadow Grade 1 curriculum. We also learned about Australian Aboriginal “ X-Ray paintings” as they are known, and we had a go at making our own using cotton tips and finger tips.

Story: ‘The Extra-Ordinary Crossroads

TL: Blackboard drawing: X illustrating crossroads and ‘X’ marks the spot!
TC: Story Pupperty
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet

ML: Wax resist watercolour
MR: Learning compass points

BL: Needle-felting bunting Letter X
BC: X-ray paintings inspired by Australian Aboriginal artwork
BR: Modelling Letter X


A few extra little projects we have be working on...
Clay modelling
Beeswax modelling 
Fabric pen and crayon fun
Cardboard castle made for a friend’s birthday! 
My Handwork: A handmade doll as a gift for my Mother In Law <3

In The Winter Garden 

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