Tuesday, 18 August 2015

June 2015: Grade One Language Block (Letter F & Letter J), and Mid-Winter Celebration

A summary of our month of learning…

Sunny Winter days learning together <3

Week 1

This week we travelled up to Launceston as a family. We spent a fun-filled week exploring many of the family-friendly things to do in Launceston and surrounds. We spent a whole day at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) which has so many wonderful ‘hands-on’ interactive exhibits. The boys particularly enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit, the Tasmanian megafauna petting, and the interactive science area.
QVMAG, Launceston
We spent another day up north, exploring the Tamar Valley region and visited the Beaconsfield Mine Museum, which for our geology-mad 6 year old was “the best museum in the whole world”! :D The museum was very interactive and really interesting. We highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.
Beaconsfield Mine Museum, Beaconsfield
When we arrived home toward the end of week, we spent the day writing and illustrating our journals, recalling some of our highlights from our trip away. We also got out our crystal kit and made some of our own coloured crystals, writing about our experiment in our science journals.  
Science: Growing crystals

Week 2

Letter F
This week we explored the Letter F, using an Armenian folktale called “The Talking Fish” an online version of which can be found <here>. We formed the ‘F' in the Fisherman’s outstretched arms and body. A second ‘f' could be found in a fish.
Story: ’The Talking Fish'

Large Pic: Fig rolls in the Letter F
TR: Story Pupperty
MR: MLB Picture Alphabet (F is for Fisherman)

BL: Letter practice
BC: Wax-resist watercolour letter F/f
BR: Modelling Letter F
Along with the story, we did our ABC Yoga postures for the Letter F, we made Fig bread in the shape of ‘F', we pressed flowers, we painted, modelled and wrote the Letter F. We played Letter F charades (Frog, Fishermen, Firefighters, Fairies, Farmers, Flying etc) and made up silly songs and rhymes about the letter. We discussed flying and made paper air-planes, noticing which shape flew better. 

Natural Sciences with F
For our natural science study this week, we caught frogs in our backyard pond and identified the different local species we found on the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment’s (DPIPWE) handy phone app. The information, including frog calls, can also be found online <here>. We learned about the lifecycle of the frog and used Mr 5’s recent birthday present from a friend to explore what is INSIDE a frog! 
Natural Science: The Frog!
While we were out and about in damp, cool places searching for frogs, we also found another fabulous ‘F’ - Fungi! We found lost of different forms and types around our home.
Natural Sciences: Fungi!

Week 3

Winter Festival
We spent this whole week celebrating Winter, decorating the house and nature table, attending a local mid-Winter lantern walk and celebrating the Winter Solstice with a Winter Spiral with friends. It was also that time of year when Hobart comes alive to celebrate the mid-Winter Dark MOFO arts festival. 
TL: Waldorf Window Stars
TC: Making an ice luminary with herbs and flowers from the garden
TR: Decorating dipped candles with coloured beeswax

ML: Candle dipping
MC: Dipping pinecones in beeswax
MR: Concertina snowflake stars

BL: Tissue paper lantern making
BC: Snowflake gingerbread cookies
BR: Pine cone + peanut butter  birdseeds
TL: Winter Nature Table
TC: Winter story “Mother Earth’s Children"
TR: Our little Container Story family on their lantern walk

ML: Ice luminary on Winter Solstice
MC: Cygnet Lantern Festival Walk
MR: Marking the shadow at midday on the Winter Solstice

BL: Candle- lit board games
BC: Dark MOFO Festival
BR: Dark MOFO storytelling
Later Autumn - Early Winter Nature Table
Winter Nature Tree with Tasmanian Masked Owl

Week 4

Letter J
This week we explored the Letter J using an old favourite Enid Blyton story “The Magic Treacle Jug”. We had lots of fun with Letter J activities and also made time for lots of free play outside in the winter sunshine, visiting with friends old and new. 
Story: ‘The Magic Treacle Jug'

TL: Blackboard drawing - J is for Jug
TC: Making our own jug from clay
TR: MLB Picture Alphabet

ML: Modelling Letter J
MC: Jam-drop J biscuits
MR: Walking the Letter  J

BL: MLB letter practice
BC: Needle-felting alphabet bunting
BR: Wax resist watercolour letter
We harvested our very first Juniper berries this week! Yum!

Handwork & Artwork

The boy’s made felt teddy patterns. I sewed My 5’s on the left and Mr 6 sewed his own.
Family painting time
Mending old jeans with colourful hand-drawn patches
Mending old jeans with colourful hand-drawn patches
A new hand-painted screen for our lamp

Other Happenings...

Bridge building
Block play
Beautiful Winter's light

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