Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April 2014: Easter & Our First Term Home Learning

Monday 14th April - Sunday 20th April

This week brought Easter and marked the start of Term 1 break in Tasmania. For us, it  also marked our first term as home learners and the 'school break' simply means we have 10 days of Daddy at home with us, which is always dearly cherished around here. We are really settling into this homeschooling lifestyle now, and it is a lifestyle. The freedom is wonderful. Not only the freedom to pursue interests, work at our own pace, and learn together but also the freedom to choose our activities without being restricted by a prescribed school day, school week or even year. That’s pretty awesome. 

We celebrated Easter in our own family way, and then prepared to celebrate Little Deer’s 4th birthday with family and friends. It’s been a wonderful, exhausting, blessed, crazy week. I’m not going to write any more this week, instead I’ll post pics from the wonderful week that was.

Oh and Hot Cross Snakes are definitely a thing. Hope your Easter break has been blessed.

~ Heidi x

{ Autumn Circle Time }

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